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Archive for July 2011

What people are saying

“I have booked and hosted scores of visiting speakers for schools during the past decade. What distinguishes—truly distinguishes—Kip is the power of his personal presence & his willingness to engage intimately and authentically with his audience … “Kip touches kids’ hearts and souls. He meets them wherever they are. Then he challenges them. He builds…

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Workshop Info

In conjunction with his speaking visits, Professor Fulbeck offers several highly popular interactive workshops, created and popularized over the past two decades. These workshops range in topic from personal identity to race & gender roles in mass media to understanding privilege Please contact agent Erica Langston for more information on Professor Fulbeck’s workshop offerings and…

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Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids

Chronicle Books 2010 At a time when 7 million people in the U.S. alone identify as belonging to more than one race, this timely collection of portraits celebrates the faces and voices of mixed-race children. Overflowing with uplifting elements—including charming images, handwritten statements from the children, first-person text from their parents, a foreword by multicultural…

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Lilo & Me

Come along for the ride as Fulbeck documents his uncanny resemblance to Pocahontas, Aladdin, Mowgli, and other “ethnically ambiguous” animated characters in this hilarious expose on the muting of race in American popular media “… a hilarious and thought-provoking study of ‘ethnically ambiguous’ animated characters that is part memoir, part family portrait, part pop-culture survey,…

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Rock & Roll Pug Run

Challenged by his UCSB art students to produce a “non-transferable” film overnight, Fulbeck responds by shooting this everyday action. Always an audience favorite

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Permanence: Tattoo Portraits

Chronicle Books 2008 Once a fringe phenomenon, tattooing is now a full-blown cultural fact. More than 40 million people in the U.S. alone have tattoos, all with unique stories about why they chose to indelibly mark their bodies. Permanence is the first book to combine photographic portraits with these individual stories, told in the subject’s…

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