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Brett Leigh Dicks, The Independent April 24, 2008 At first glance, UCSB art professor Kip Fulbeck’s latest book, Permanence: Tattoo Portraits, might give the illusion of being simply an art monograph with an ink-on-skin theme. But while tattoos are what these subjects have in common, Permanence is most importantly a study of the personalities that…

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Exhibition explores blended identities in a globalized world

Michael Hodges, The Detroit News April 2, 2008   Immigration and its jarring impact on identity take center stage at the Oakland University Art Gallery through April 13 with the provocative and handsome show, “Revolutionizing Cultural Identity: Photography and the Changing Face of Immigration.” Say “immigration,” of course, and many Americans instantly think of the…

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Kip Fulbeck brings Permanence with Tattoos

Shannon Lin, April 2008 More than 40 million people in the U.S. alone have tattoos, all with unique stories about why they chose to indelibly mark their bodies. Now Permanence is the first book of its kind to combine photographic tattoo portraits with the stories behind them. Written by Kip Fulbeck, Permanence features interviews…

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