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Archive for March 2008

Global Hapa: A Conversation with Kip Fulbeck

Nina Melendez Ibarra, Kyoto Journal March 25, 2008 Kip Fulbeck, known for his eye-catching popularization of “Hapa” identity in the United States, has brought his mission to Asia with his groundbreaking “The Hapa Project” — a collection of photographs accompanied by personal, handwritten statements about identity of over 1,200 American Hapas. Fulbeck turned his project…

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An Artist's Thoughts – Part Asian, 100% Hapa

Kip Fulbeck, March 18, 2008 How did you come up with the idea for The Hapa Project? The idea actually came to me as a kid, sometime in elementary school. I just thought it would have been cool to know there were other people around going through what I was going through, other people…

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'Permanence' explores tattoo culture, history

Scott Iwasaki, Deseret Morning News March 7, 2008 A lot of rock musicians—good and bad, talented and worthless—have tattoos. When I was growing up, tattoos were considered slightly dangerous and only a few people had them. Throughout the years, some of my friends, my stepsister and other family members have decided to get “inked.” Their…

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Book Review: Permanence

Jen Cray, Ink19 Magazine March 2008 In an age where 18-year-old kids have already acquired full sleeves and tattoo shops are as common as Starbucks, Kip Fulbeck is attempting to re-examine what it is about the art of ink on skin that attracts such a vast array of people. The book’s concept is a simple…

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Kip Fulbeck Interview

Frank Agostinelli, March 1, 2008 If you have had the pleasure of meeting Kip Fulbeck, you’ll agree when I say he is one the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Besides being arguably the most recognizable face in the Hapa community, he is an award-winning artist, slam poet and filmmaker. And…

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