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Archive for June 2006

Mixed-Race Asians Find Pride as Hapas

Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times June 11, 2006 A new book and an art exhibit in L.A. reflect an evolution in perceptions of a multiracial group historically made to feel like outsiders. In Chinese restaurants, he was the kid who was always given the fork. In his largely white Covina public schools, he was the…

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We Are Hapa

Gwen Muranaka, The Rafu Shimpo June 10, 2006 New photo exhibit at JANM explores ideas of identity and ethnicity. Photographs of individuals of multiracial heritage and their responses to the most common question asked of people of mixed-race background—”What are you?”—comprises the heart of the art exhibition, “kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa,” set to…

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Not what you are but who you are

Cynthia Dea, Los Angeles Times June 8, 2006 As a kid, Kip Fulbeck found it almost impossible to fit in because of his ethnic background: His mother is Cantonese; his father is English and Irish. Strangers thought it perfectly appropriate to ask, “What are you?” It’s a question he still encounters, but he’s channeled it…

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