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Archive for May 2006

Hapa Nation

Valerie Takahama, Orange County Register May 29, 2006 When Ken Radomski was in Japan a couple of years ago, he got a kick out of the little kids who spotted his mohawk, thought of British soccer star David Beckham and shouted, “Beckham! Beckham!” at him. The lanky Southern California teenager had a little fun of…

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Book Review: Part Asian, 100% Hapa

Frank Y. Pak Agostinelli, May 25, 2006 Back in the 80s, the shoe company Converse unleashed a line known as The Weapon. The shoe was pushed by this triad of NBA stars; Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and “Dr. J” Julius Erving. In one of the commercials, Magic Johnson emphatically states in a voice so…

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A Hapa Project: Identity, Outside the Color Lines

Victoria Kraus, Asiance Magazine May 20, 2006 “I am exactly the same as every other person in 2500.” So says a handwritten response to photographer Kip Fulbeck’s question to mixed Asian hapas, “What are you?” The Hapa Project is a collection of collarbone-and-above photographs of ethnically mixed Asians by artist Kip Fulbeck at the Japanese…

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