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Archive for May 2001

Book Review: Paper Bullets

Eric Lister, Artsweek May 31, 2001 Kip Fulbeck is fluent in the language of pop culture. It is a vocabulary of songs everyone in a graduating high school class knows by heart and the handful of advertising campaigns that creep into homes as plush toys or prime time television movies. It is the collective voice…

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Self-Inflicted Paper Cuts

Robert Ito, Asian Week May 11 – 17, 2001 Autobiographies are, by nature, self-indulgent. Write one before your fortieth birthday as Kip Fulbeck has done with his first book, Paper Bullets, and expect people to question your motives, if not the size of your ego. Not that Fulbeck, an award-winning videomaker, performance artist, UCSB professor…

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